Tool Box Liner | Drawer Liner and Shelf Liner | Non Adhesive

Part: 1241

Tool Box Liner | Drawer Liner and Shelf Liner | Non Adhesive

Part: 1241
Size: 16 Inch x 16 Feet
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  • Protect Your Tools With Our Non-slip Liner
  • The Thick 2 - 2.5mm Liner Material is Easy to Customize
Size 16 Inch x 16 Feet
16 Inch x 16 Feet

Tool Box Liner | Drawer Liner and Shelf Liner | Non Adhesive | 16 Inch x 16 Feet

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Your Toolkit

Our non-adhesive non-slip toolbox liner ensures your tools won't clash, preventing damage when opening or closing your toolbox drawers.



Our non-slip liner is ideal for wire shelves or toolbox drawers, providing a secure grip for your tools and equipment.



Crafted from robust 2.5mm thick material, our liner withstands rigorous use and ensures long-lasting protection for your tools.



The non-adhesive feature of our toolbox liner allows for easy repositioning or relocation at any time, offering you maximum flexibility.


Your Tools

The Olsa Tools non-slip liner ensures your tools stay in place, reducing movement and potential damage. A great way to keep your toolbox orderly and efficient.

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Package Contents

  • 1 toolbox liner (16" x 16' or 18" x 24')


  • Material: PVC
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Texture: Non-perforated, solid, grid pattern
  • Available Sizes: 16" x 16' or 18" x 24'
  • Country of Origin: China