Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors help us to better showcase our professional-quality products. Every three months we open up applications for new Ambassadors to help continue to grow Olsa Tools.


MechanicLink currently runs a small auto shop as both a manager and a technician in Norfolk, Virginia. He has been in the automotive industry for roughly 12 years, complete with a 2-year degree of formal education. @Mechaniclink is on TikTok with over 475,000 followers where he posts about diagnosing cars, how-to videos, technical support, and even some career advice. On his channel, MechanicLink has a special segment called "Honest Tool Reviews". He field-tests the product for a few weeks and then rates them out of 10.

"I have a lot of tools, ranging from dirt cheap to crazy expensive, from no-name-knock-offs to top tier brands...When I get a new tool to review from Olsa, it doesn't just get scored and then shoved in some drawer never to be seen again. My other tools get phased out and Olsa becomes my daily go-to. That is how you measure real weight and trust." - MechanicLink (2020)

It is that confidence and trust that brought MechanicLink to our brand where he became an Olsa Tools Ambassador.

- Favourite car to work on is Toyota Corollas

- Favourite repair to complete is electrical fault hunting!

- Favourite Olsa Tools product is our slim profile wrenches

-Favourite tool is his thermal imager (mostly because he feels like a James Bond agent)

Marc-André Quessy

Marc comes from a long background of quad racing. He also is the founder of Quadiste.net / Motocycliste.net and ATVGuys.ca where he and his team conducts reviews on quads, tools used to maintain ATVs, tire reviews and more! His background in mechanics and maintaining quads spans over 4 decades.

- Favourite machine to work on is his fully customized 2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R Shogun build

- Favourite repair to complete is something really broken. Taking something destroyed and making it work again.

- Favourite Olsa Tools product is our 3/8" allen hex socket

- Favourite tool is anything with ratchet action, especially ratcheting wrenches.

Bruce Lakusta

Bruce's interest in tools and mechanics began at a very early age. His father was a mechanic and welder and seemed to be able to repair or build most anything himself which peaked his interest when he was a young guy. His passion for tools and using them kicked into high gear when he turned sixteen and got his first car.  As most peoples first car it needed some work and he chose to learn how to do the work himself. He began collecting the tools needed to do his own repairs around that time.

His professional career as a mechanic came a few years later as a fleet mechanic. There he learned from a Journeyman Mechanic that continued to teach him everything he needed to know about servicing and repairing a fleet of taxis and school buses. Since then, he has worked at numerous shops, car lots and auto body shops. These days he works for a courier company and repairs coworkers' vehicles at home in his garage as well as customers. "Having quality tools makes it possible and easier for me to do the things I need and want to do in the shop.  I'm always on the lookout for quality tools at a great price and I believe Olsa covers both of those requirements."

- Favourite car to work on is his Mazda MX-5 Miata

- Favourite repair to complete is suspension and steering jobs due to the improvement in driving performance after complete

- Favourite Olsa Tools product is our Impact Socket Sets.

- Favourite tool is his cordless impact wrench.

Want To Become An Ambassador?

Every three months we look for new ambassadors to partner with. If selected you'll receive free productpaid compensation and insider access into the day to day of Olsa Tools' operations! The deadline to apply is February 25th at midnight, be sure to apply before then! Apply here.