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AutoTechMike - Mike Pfeffer

Hi, I'm Mike Pfeffer AKA AutoTechMike on all social platforms.

I've been in the automotive industry as a mechanic for close to two decades. I got my start in my teens, fixing up lawn mowers and go carts. I would take lawn mowers that people were throwing away, fix and sell them. As I got older, my love for making something run again grew on me and I started working on vehicles. I ended up attending the Jackson Area Career Center where my knowledge grew with the awesome teachers I had.

I eventually started my own mobile mechanic company. I did that for a while and then started working at the shop I'm at now. I worked there for almost 10 years and then the opportunity came up for me to buy it which I did, and the rest is history in the making; which you're getting to see on social media everyday. I'm very grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way and will continue to do right by my customers.

Petecrosby87 - Pete Crosby

I’m a 36 year old mechanic with three amazing kids, two dogs and a beautiful wife. When I’m not working on Peterbilts or log trailers, I’m spending it at the ball field watching my daughters play softball.

I was born in a small town in South Georgia and my farther was a OTR truck driver for 30+ years. So as a young man I was getting to learn the ins and outs of large trucks. Mostly greasing and bumping tires but it was the start of a career that I love. I started working with a small trucking company in 2013 as a welder/mechanic and I’ve never looked back.

Growing up around trucks and hot rods gave me a head start in my career as a heavy diesel mechanic. When I started my career with the 44 companies it was a small time trucking company. We had maybe 15 trucks and 30 log trailers, we currently have 65 trucks and 270 trailers. We have grown very fast but never lost the small time family own company feel.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing mechanics that taught me everything they know. From a simple brake job to rebuilding a fuller transmission. I’ve also had the pleasure of building set out trucks along with brand new log trailers from the ground up. The experience I’ve had in the last 9 years has taught me that to do this job you must have tough, durable, and great looking tools. That being said, that’s why I wanted to work with Olsa tools. Not only do their tools and accessories look amazing, they are long lasting top of the line tools. But the best part is that the price tag won’t brake the bank, and in times like this, what more can you ask for? I’m very thankful to be able to work with a great group of people, and a company that stands behind their products.

DTheTruckGuy - D.C.

Hello, I'm D.C., better known as D The Truck Guy on social media. From an early age, I had an interest in engines. When I was in high school, I remember buying a four-cylinder engine off of a Ford Pinto from my auto mechanics teacher. I took it home and, in my backyard, I stripped it completely down to the bare block. I wanted to see, study, and compare every single engine part that I had been reading about in school. After studying every part, I was able to understand more fully how an engine operated, and my love for mechanical repair continued to grow from there.

A little bit about my career, I have been working in a semi-truck repair shop as a diesel mechanic for over 11 years. Before this, I was an automotive mechanic for 9 years. In 2022, I started creating content to share some of my work on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

I wanted to become an Olsa Tools ambassador because I use and love the tools, and I want my viewers to know about the products that they offer. Olsa tools have the same great quality as some of the big tool truck brands, but at a much more affordable price.

Mechanicofthestars - Norm Gieselman

Hi! My name is Norm Gieselman and I own and operate OK Tire in St Albert, Alberta, Canada.

From a young age, I’ve always been into mechanical repair (I was too broke to pay anyone else to fix it!!). I started in the industry as an apprentice at Edmonton Freightliner and received my Red Seal HET Journeyman certification in 1998. I worked in various shops on a ton of different equipment over the years, which I loved!

I got into the Oil and Gas sector and became a rig mechanic, which then led to an international postings in Mexico, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. My career progression then led into Project Management and, with my wife and 2 kids, we moved to Dubai in 2009; where I worked for Weatherford Drilling International for 8 years. I’ve been fortunate in my career to have worked on various project and equipment on every continent except Antarctica (so far!!). We moved back to St Albert in 2015 and I established my business; going back to what I loved….fixing cars, trucks, and anything else that came through the door! Partnering with OK Tire in 2019 right at the start of a global pandemic was a challenge, but has been a fun ride so far and I have a great customer base that appreciates our quality of work and honest approach to customer service! I started my TikTok account to help people understand the industry, improve their maintenance abilities, and have a laugh while doing it!

The reason I chose to partner with Olsa Tools as an ambassador is to help showcase this young company’s excellent product to more people that can use it in both professional high-volume shops and the DIY guy in his garage! Both will benefit from having a pro level product to use to help create the perfect result of any project they take on! I like that Olsa is a small company taking on the challenge of this market by going head-on against some of the biggest brands in the industry and succeeding! I wanted to be a part of that energy and help their continued success!

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