Torque Screwdriver with Hex head and T-handle, 10-50 in-lb - ±6% Accuracy

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  • Get the Right Torque Spec With Certified Accuracy ± 6%
  • Included T-bar for High Torque Applications

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Internationally Recognized Certifications

  • Accurately calibrated to spec and tested by internationally recognized standardization organizations. Accurate torque up to ±6% and certified through DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010.

Torque Range 

  • The Olsa Tools torque screwdriver set is constructed with a range of 10 - 50 in-lb and includes a 1/4-inch female hex drive.

Accurately calibrated to Spec

  • Included with this set is an internationally recognized calibration certificate which rates this in-lb torque screwdriver to ±6% in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Have the peace of mind knowing that you're getting the most accurate torque spec every time.

T-Bar Included For High Torquing 

  • Use the included t-handle, which attaches to the end of the torque screwdriver, for extra leverage on those high-torque applications.

Fine Tune Your Torque Spec 

  • Use the user-friendly adjustment knob to fine-tune your torque spec in extra fine 1 inch-pound increments for maximum accuracy.

Olsa Tools Satisfaction Guaranteed 

  • Buying Olsa Tools means your are buying quality. We provide hand tool solutions to thousands of happy customers across North America. We strive to make your shopping experience with us nothing less than 100%; so contact us for any troubleshooting or service and we'll make it right by you. All Olsa Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 30-Day Risk-Free Return Policy, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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*During business hours only

Package Contents

Package Contents

  • 1 torque screwdriver with range of 10-50 ft-lb

  • 1 t-bar


Product Specifications

  • Handle Material: Non-slip NBR
  • Torque Range: 10-50 in-lb
  • Scale: Laser engraved
  • Drive: 1/4" hex drive for bits, hex drive for sockets
  • Special Feature: Slipping clutch mechanism to prevent over-torquing
  • ASME Specification: B107.300-2010
  • ISO Specification: DIN ISO 6789

Made in Taiwan.

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