Wrench Organizer

5 Steps to Creating Your Wrench Organizer

Creating a DIY Wrench Organizer

Wrench OrganizerYou are probably looking at all of the cluttered wrenches in your tool drawers, thinking that you need to have them organized so you can find the right size immediately. You do not want to waste any more time digging through different wrenches until you find the right one.

Wrenches come in different shapes and sizes. The most convenient way to organize all your wrenches is to buying an organizer to sort them out. For some, there's an added gratification in creating and customizing your own wrench organizer.

Step 1 Organizing All Your Wrenches

The first step to creating your own wrench organizer is to sort all the wrenches you want to organize. You want to know their sizes and shapes. The best thing to do is to arrange them all on a work table and arrange them how you want them on your organizer. This will help you project how you want them to look in the organizer.

Step 2 Measure the Wrench Area

Once you have finished sorting all the wrenches out on the table, you can begin calculating the required length and width you need for the organizer. You want the measurement to be able to cover the entire length of the wrenches.  

Step 3 Build the Wrench Organizer

The next step when you have measured the required length the wrenches is to cut angled slots into each bar that holds each wrench. You can use a radial saw to complete this task. It is very important to create slots that are big enough to fit and hold the wrench. If it is the wrong slot size, the wrench will not stay on the slot and could easily slip off the wrench organizer. In addition, you want to leave an estimated half an inch between the notch.

Step 4 Connect the Handles

Begin connecting your created handles to the top your wrench tray. The handles are optional; however, they will be helpful if you want to move the wrenches to a different location. Another option is to place rubber or neoprene cover on the handles to make it more comfortable.

Step 5 Additional Customizations

If you want to create additional customizations, one thing you can also do is to label each slot for the wrench size you want. This allows you to organize your wrenches even further. In addition, you can also paint and designs the color of the wrench organizers to your liking.


 Now that we have covered the steps into creating your own wrenches. It is the cheaper option for organizing all your wrenches. On the other hand, if you do not feel like going thru all these steps another option is to buy yourself a wrench organizer. The Olsa Tools wrench organizer rail is also a cheap alternative which will help declutter all your wrenches and save time.

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