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    Do You Really Need a Wobble Socket Extension?

    Wobble socket extensions have their place in professional mechanics’ tool boxes thanks to their ease of use and convenience. They provide the shortcut you look for when accessing hard-to-access bolts and nuts; reaching straight on where you require.

    Wobble Socket Extension Set

    Are you considering getting your own professional-grade quality set? If so, there are several features you need to think of before picking yours. We’ll take you through some of the most important features that will help you choose a high-quality and durable wobble socket extension bar set.

    Quality Of The Steel

    Wobble Socket Set

    If quality is a priority for you, ensure you know the type of steel the set is made out of. When you are fastening, there is a demand for strong tools, and Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V) is known for this feature. The alloying elements of the material and the heat treating process create a sturdy and corrosion-resistant tool. Plus, it is long-lasting and well-suited for high torque applications, perfect for wobble sockets extensions.

    Adaptability Of The Tool

    Socket Extension

    Yes, these types of wobble sockets are useful when you require the right angle approach, but it is most likely that you also need a regular socket extension. With our wobble extensions, you get 2 useful tools in 1 at an affordable price. How awesome is that? Just fully insert the extension into the socket and you have a standard extension, or partially insert the tool to enjoy the wobble benefit. 

    Each wobble socket features a spring-loaded ball detent to hold sockets securely in place, a 360-degree rotary movement, and a 6-degree flex angle where the extension cannot be used. You can complete the job with ease even in the tightest of spots! 

    Right Sizes

    Wobble Socket Sizes

    In the worth of wobble sockets, having a wide variety of length and drive sizes usually means a better job performance, which guarantees that you can break loose stubborn fasteners in multiple projects without worrying about twisting or bending. With this complete Olsa Tools set, you get 3pcs 1/2-inch drive (3, 5, 10 inches), 3pcs 3/8-inch drive (3, 6, 10 inches), and 3pcs 1/4-inch drive (2, 4, 6 inches) to help you maximize your job equipment and complete whatever task you’re on.


    If there’s anything we can conclude about socket extensions, it is that they’re worth having.  

    At Olsa Tools we trust in the quality of our products and know that wisely investing your money is a key factor when choosing job equipment. This is why our wobble socket extensions have a limited lifetime warranty and a 90-days risk-free return policy to give you the peace of mind that your new tools are long-lasting and reliable.

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