An Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Door

An Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Door

Maintain Your Garage Doors

Keep Your Garage Running Smoothly

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Can you guess what is the largest moving part in your entire house? You may be surprised but it is your garage door. You will be more surprised to find out that your garage door actually requires a lot of maintenance sometimes even daily preventive care. Your garage door is used multiple times per day and it's extremely important to take care of it.

3 Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door

Regular care and maintenance can help you keep your garage door operating smoothly for years to come. Here are 3 things that you need to include in your garage routine.

1. Regular Checkup

Did you know that garage door moves up and down more than a thousand times a year? A lot of movement and vibration can loosen the hardware but you have no way to use your garage door less than you do now. So, regularly use your best socket wrench to tighten all roller brackets and bolts of your garage door. If you currently do not own a socket wrench, we recommend you get the push-reversible ratcheting wrench set from Olsa Tools

2. Garage Door Balance Test

For a lot of safety reasons, you need to make sure that your garage door does not fall or rise on its own. To be able to check it open your garage door half way and look whether it stays at the same level or not. However, sometimes the best solution is to invite a garage door professional to examine your garage door and make professional recommendations.

3. Lubricate Frequently

You want to repeatedly lubricate the hinges, rollers, springs, and tracks should be lubricated every quarter. All moving parts of your garage door should be lubricated. This will ensure all the parts of the door are functioning properly. Once you are done with your lubricating spray cans, make sure to organize them on a Magnetic Spray Can Holder. This will help you find them, the next time you need to use them.
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