Best socket organizers

Socket Organizers: Hands Down, The Best Tool Storage ever!

Socket Organizers the Best Tool For Storage

Whats a tool organizer?

Buy Socket OrganizerHaving tools scattered all around the workstation and making it look like a dumpster is an old trend which is moving out of trend at a very fast pace. In fact, hardly would one find a workstation or garage that does not have at least one toolbox or for the more in trend ones, a tool organizer. No, a toolbox isn’t the same as a tool organizer.

Tool organizer is not a Toolbox

A toolbox as the name implies is a chest or big box where all tools are kept with no form of proper arrangement, most times but a tool organizer is a more recent tool storage system that allows the tools to be stored in an orderly fashion and are more portable and easier to transport than the toolbox. 

Variations & function of tool organizers

There are many variations of the tool organizer and they include screwdriver holder, magnetic wrench holder and tool trays. All of these organizers are used for specific tools and can allow multiple of the same type of tool be arranged. Tool organizers are better and more suitably recommended than the conventional toolbox as it eliminates the constant search of small tools like sockets and screw heads from the huge pile of bigger tools. The tool organizers also allow storage of items according to their sizes. 

What are sockets?

Sockets are small tools that are attached to a driving tool via a screw drive to fasten or unfasten a bolt. A driving tool, wrench or ratchet, is used with a socket to produce the needed amount of torque to loosen or fasten a bolt. Different bolt and screw types require different types of sockets and as a result, numerous sockets are used in the workstation or garage.

Different Socket Sizes

Sockets are available in metric and inch sizes and also in small and long length variations. The two main types are impact socket and specialty sockets; they are so named based on their effectiveness. Due to the numerous types of sockets available for use, a socket holder has always been a top requirement.  

Where to Buy Socket Holders?

An awesome and well-reviewed socket holder on the market is Olsa Tools Aluminum Socket Organizer, which is a recommended storage system for sockets. It is made of aluminum and can hold up to 48 sockets. This is the best socket organizer as it allows for quick storage and removal of the sockets while working.

Time spent searching for the right socket can be effectively utilized to carry out more work. It is highly recommended because it has spring loaded ball bearing clips attached to the base which keeps the sockets firmly in place during work. Also, it has laser-etched edges which allow for removal of the right socket in even in poor lighting conditions 

Customize To Your Needs (Quick Tip):

Olsa Tools Socket Organizer Rail could be cut into half and the straight cut ends could be covered with Olsa Tools Socket Organizer End Caps. Extra Socket Organizer Clips could also be bought on the official website or on Amazon (just search for Olsa Tools), if need be!  

Conclusively, the socket holder Olsa Tools has a keyhole slot which makes it easy to attach the organizer to the wall or surfaces while work is being done. It can even be attached to the large tool box if plenty tools are needed or an outdoor service is required. Available in 3 colors i.e. Red, Blue & Black and for 3 socket sizes i.e. 1/2inch, 1/4inch & 3/8inch, this socket organizer is a highly recommended tool organizer and is the best alternative when considering socket storage options. Make sure to buy your Olsa Tools socket holders.

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