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Nut Driver Set Buying Guide

Best Nut Driver to Buy

If you are looking for a guide on how to choose a good set of nut drivers, then look no further as you have found this helpful guide. Nut drivers might be simple tools, but they are so vital for various projects; from household repairs and automotive projects to construction and DIY tasks, you will definitely use a set of nut drivers from time to time. 

Nut Drivers: Features You Need

Driver Size

When buying a set of nut drivers, you want to be able to deal with all or most commonly used nuts, and a good game should have nut drivers ranging from 3/16 to 1/2 inches. Before making a choice, think about your specific requirements for the tasks you’ll be doing and the sizes that you are dealing with the most.

Material and Quality

When it comes to materials in nut drivers, you want the highest quality to guarantee lifetime reliability with your new tools. A heavy-duty option is alloy steel or forged steel with a protective coating. The coating is essential to safeguard the tool against corrosion and will ensure they last for many years of professional use. 

Handle Grip

Pay attention to the handle of the nut driver and take note of the grip. Top-quality brands have handles with comfortable and soft grip. The grip also should be secure and ergonomic to help you work safer and complete the project easier, and the handle should not become slippery after an extended time of use.

Type of Nut Drivers

You can buy a complete set of nut drivers or buy a multi-nut driver. Multi-nut drivers use various sized steel shafts that nest together. Of course, a multi-nut driver will give you portability, is more comfortable to carry around and it should be enough for small DIY projects. But you might need a complete set of professional-grade nut drivers if you are doing automotive or professional repairs. 


Even when you choose the best tool in the market, you still need manufacturers’ guarantee for the cases when something goes wrong. The best option is always to have a lifetime warranty. In order to extend the life of your nut drivers, it's a good practice to put them away on a Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer that fits the nut drivers. 

Best Nut Driver Organizer

If you are looking to purchase a new set of nut drivers, be sure to follow the factors mentioned above before buying it. Remember that a good set of nut drivers should not be particularly expensive to do the job as the most important thing is to get a set that meets your needs. And, if you are also thinking of the best way to sort and organize all your nut drivers, this Olsa Tools Screwdriver Organizer will come in handy. The clips are durable and large enough to fit the nut drivers and avoid the frustration of accidentally losing them. The magnetic feature makes it possible to attach your nut drivers onto most steel surfaces and come with a limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 90-days risk-free return policy. 

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