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    Not Your Ordinary Socket Organizer!

    Organize Your Sockets In One Place

    High Quality Organizer Options 

    Socket OrganizerWhen it comes to protecting your tools, you don’t want to settle for low-quality options, right? Doing so will basically put the purpose of buying one useless. In short-- you need the best. Something that can keep your sockets in place and ready whenever you need them. More so, something that is worth your money!

    Socket Tray Organizer

    This is why we came up with this Socket Tray Organizer. It's a Multi-drive Socket Organizer that is capable of holding 20 1/4 Inch sockets, 30 3/8-Inch sockets and another 30 1/2 sockets all at once.  Isn't that amazing??? It's heavy duty durable socket holders are made of quality materials and built with a unique neon green color clips.

    In addition to the quality design, this tray will provide you with incredible value for money as you can save more than buying socket organizers with limited capacity for storage.

    Another great feature that this organizer has to offer is security. Its Spring loaded ball bearings on each clip secures your sockets firm and tight. You can also easily pick it up and bring it closer to your workstation as it comes with a handle. 

    So when you’re serious about saving your sockets, your time, and your money, you need to check out our socket organizer!