New Olsa Tools Website Re-Design

New Olsa Tools Website Re-Design

New Olsa Tools Website Design

Olsa Tools LogoWe believe that everyone with a passion for tools deserves quality products; that each tool should have its own designated storage area; and that an organized workspace leads to increased efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind.

Good news! Your favourite tool organizers website has been redesigned to make your shopping process better and easier. Our new and redesigned website has a better and easier user interface and is easy to navigate. Now, you are one click away to navigate to hand tools, socket organizers, tool organizers, hoodies or t-shirts.

Hand Tools: In this tab, you can find Olsa Tools’ selection of quality tools which include ratcheting wrench sets, adjustable wrenches, Allen key sets and etc.

Socket Organizers: This tab has the collection of Olsa Tools different socket organizers from magnetic to ball bearing.

Tool Organizers: In this tab, you can find our biggest collection of garage and portable tool organizers. Our organizers include magnetic screwdriver organizers, magnetic socket holders, T-handle holders, wrench holders, portable wrench organizers to name a few.

Hoodies & T-Shirt: These two tabs include our collection of sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts.

In our newly redesigned website as previously you can find the many ways to contact us and keep in touch with us. There are multiple ways to contact us:

  • Contact Us page on our website
  • Email:
  • Call us: You can call our toll-free number 1-877-252-OLSA (6572)

Other ways to keep in touch. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The icons are located in the top left corner of our website.

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