Mechanic Gloves Buying Guide

Mechanic Gloves Buying Guide

Best Mechanic Leather Gloves

buying mechanic glovesWhen it comes to mechanic gloves often you are confronted with too much choice and too many options. Depending on work you are going to perform there are so many features that you need to consider when shopping for a new pair of mechanic gloves. Here are the top features that you need to consider before buying a mechanic glove.

Mechanic Leather Gloves Features 

Cut resistance

For any mechanic or DIY enthusiast safety should be a top priority. Safety is the reason why it is so important to have a glove that will protect your hands from cuts. It is important to make sure that the whole surface of the glove, that you are buying, is cut resistance. Some models limit the are of cut-resistance just only to the palm.

Material Breathability

Another important factor when shopping for mechanic gloves is breathability. Mechanics, when working with the suffocating gloves on all day long, give in to temptation and take the gloves off. This often results in injury. A good quality pair of mechanic gloves are designed to perfectly adjust to both red-hot summer days and freezing winter days. In this case, mechanics and other professionals will not be tempted to take off the gloves while working.

Impact protection

When working in the garage or around the house, there is every chance that a heavy tool or object can slip right on your hand without any notice. Look for gloves that are anti-impact and can protect your hands from both instant pain and long-term injuries.

Grip of the Gloves

If you are a mechanic, obviously you do not want the staff to slip from your hands. Mechanics deal with objects of different sizes ranging from nuts and bolts to an entire engine. The ability to grip is a crucial specification of mechanic gloves. For having a better gripping surface, the fingertips of the glove and palm surface should be padded.

Glove Durability

For the mechanic gloves to last for a long period of time it should be made of high-quality material such as synthetic leather, glass fiber and polyethene blends. Usually, the thicker the glove, the more durable is the mechanic glove.

Before you buy your new pair of mechanic glove consider the job that you are going perform, the environment where you are going to use the best mechanic gloves and the level of protection that you need.

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