Lug Wrench Buying Guide

Lug Wrench Buying Guide

Our buying guide is not only for garage mechanics but also for anyone who owns a vehicle. You have used a lug wrench if you have ever changed a wheel. The most common use of the lug wrench is, helping to remove and reattach wheels on your car. Buying the wrong lug wrench can become a major problem, as changing a tire sometimes can be critical. We have prepared a list of the most important things to consider when choosing a lug wrench and some lug wrench alternatives to use.

Lug Wrenches: Features You Need

1) Portability of the Lug Wrench

Portability: Lots of people need a lug wrench while they are on the road, as the tool is primarily used to loosen and fasten the bolts in order to change the flat tire. A good lug wrench should be optimal in size so that you feel comfortable keeping it in your vehicle.

2) Lug Wrench Arm Length

Arm length: Arm length affects two features: leverage and portability. As the lug wrench is a lever, the longer the arm, the easier it is for you to generate torque to loosen and tighten bolts. On the other hand, longer lug wrenches are not as portable as the short ones. If you have enough room to store your wrench then always choose a lug wrench with longer arms.

3) Wrench Lug Nut Sockets

Sockets: A 4-way the cross lug wrench come with socket ends, but lug wrenches with interchangeable sockets may not come with the sockets. It does not make sense to buy a lug wrench without sockets, so ensure that when shopping to purchase one that comes with sockets. Also, when you have your sockets ensure that you make them easy to keep with you! - We recommend our portable socket holders to keep them organized.

4) Socket Sizes

Sizes Of Sockets For Lug Nuts

If the question “what size of sockets for lug nuts should I use” comes to your mind; the most common socket sizes for lug nuts are 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm. These four sizes will generally cover 95% of your needs so make sure that the lug wrench you buy has themAnd, if you have a lot of sockets that need a lot of organizing, make sure to use these socket organizers. 

5) Lug Wrench Design

Design: A good feature to consider is whether you want a solid or folding lug wrench. A solid wrench is usually cheaper as it has a simpler design and is also more durable. A disadvantage of the solid wrench is that it is not always compatible with the space that you have to store it. A folding model is portable and easy to store but lacks power and does not provide the same amount of leverage as a solid lug wrench. 

Best Lug Wrench Alternative

And what if you don’t have a lug wrench or you just prefer to use a different tool alternative for tire changing? Both, our high-grade digital torque wrench and click torque wrench come in handy. They will not only make your job easier by loosening and tightening your different lug nut sizes effortlessly but also offer you some other helpful features anytime you need to apply torque. They have internationally certified standards through DIN ISO 6789 and ASME B107.300-2010, meaning that they will give you the accuracy you need and will be a lifetime companion through the job.

Best Torque Wrench For Tire Changing


Again, as with other tools before making buying decisions consider your needs. Generally, it is not a good idea to buy the most expensive or least expensive models that you find, but instead, consider the above-mentioned factors and we are sure you will find the lug wrench or torque wrench that will fit your needs?.

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