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How to deal with Disorganized Colleagues

Ways of Dealing Messy Coworkers

Everyone knows that coworkers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities with varying positive and negative qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and tolerable versus intolerable traits. It’s nothing personal, and it simply comes down to innate differences in how we work—and how we expect other people to work. 
But let’s admit it, when you’re the type of person who wants everything fixed and organize, and your coworker who happens to be the people you deal with on a daily basis—is your exact opposite, you’re going to need some coping mechanisms. 

5 Tips to Keep You Organize at Work

  1. Accept that you run differently.

Your co-workers can naturally be good at some things, but completely fail at organization. They can learn to manage over time, but it’s not something that comes easily. 
  1. Impose Organization

Yes, sometimes you might think that it’s a coworker’s personal vendetta to drive you crazy. But it’s not. It is just that your co-workers sometimes tend to lose or forget where they placed their tools, or worse, even your tools too! When you notice a pattern of forgetful behavior, it may be time to impose your own organizational skills on the person. While it's not necessarily your responsibility to babysit your colleagues, a few extra precautionary tips can save a great deal of frustration.
  1. Save the talk, make actions

Many people need to learn organizational skills. But even the most organized people get fed up with telling the unorganized ones what to do and where to put back things. It’s never easy to deal with people who, for some reason, are fond of having junk mess around them. But hey, you can make both your lives easier by using tool holders.
Since it’s hard for your co-workers to put back things where they belong, having an organizer that could be placed anywhere within their reach will give them no excuse for not putting back things after their use.
  1. Provide Options

To keep your co-workers interested in organizing, provide good tips and options on how they can start. Consider that it’s never easy to start organizing when the person himself is unorganized. But you can always trick the person by using colorful items to boost his productivity; Science proved that using colorful or bright items can increase one’s productivity. You may check out Olsa Tools’ exciting and colorful pieces to boost up your co-workers motivation to organize.
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  1. Praise often.
Change is difficult. When you see progress, say something. Whether you see them inserting back those sockets to the ball-bearing clips or just working close with their organizers, offer your appreciation. Even if the step is a small one, they add up to big changes
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