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How to Choose a Bottle Jack

Best Bottle Jack for Your Shop

If you are wondering what a bottle jack is and how to choose the right one for the job, we’ve got the answers for you! Jacks usually come in 2 types; bottle jacks and floor jacks. We are going to highlight all of the details of bottle jacks because of their reliability and convenient features that make it perfect for many types of jobs projects. They are easy to use, and often feature a compact design, bottle jacks are portable and can be easily stored in most vehicles. We put together everything you need to know before buying one so you know how to choose the right tool.

Important Bottle Jack Features

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is the amount of weight that a bottle jack can lift and is measured in tons; it often comes in different weight capacities. But what’s the best weight capacity to choose for you? You should use a jack that corresponds to the most common weight ranges of the vehicles that you work on. For example, a 2-ton jack is capable of lifting most automobiles and small SUVs and a 3-ton jack can handle most trucks and full-size SUVs. Another great tip to consider before choosing a low or high lift bottle jack is to know that bottle jacks support only 60% of vehicle weight, which means that a 2-ton bottle jack can lift a 3-ton car. Understanding this will give you an accurate appreciation of what size of bottle jack do you need.

Lifting Range

Bottle Jack Lifting Range

The next thing to think about is the bottle jack lift height because if it can’t get your vehicle off the ground, your new jack will be useless. Whether you only need it for tire changes or for repairs; in any case, you’ll need to compare the strokes and maximum height for the bottle jack by looking at the number of steps on the piston. Usually, the more steps, the higher the stroke will lift the tool. It is also very common for bottle jacks to have a lifting range from 9 to 18 inches. 

Material and Quality

Another important factor is the material used for engineering the bottle jack. Both the body and the base of the bottle jack should be made from durable and sturdy steel so your tool withstands the pressure from lifting and holding weight for a period of time, this is specially important when it comes to using high lift bottle jacks. A good quality bottle jack is made of a combination of drop-forged high-quality iron and alloy steel. Also, pay attention to the quality of welds to give the best strength and performance.

Bottle Jack Materials

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Hydraulic or Pneumatic

Is one better type than the other? While the hydraulic system is capable of lifting heavier loads, the pneumatic system significantly reduces lifting times. Thanks to the benefits of each type, many brands offer a combination of both (pneumatic air hydraulic jack). However, whether your bottler jack only has one type of system or a mix of both, all types are suitable for most applications.

Ease of use

Last but not least, consider how easy and comfortable it is to use the bottle jack. One thing to pay attention to is the handle so make sure that your tool comes with a long pumping handle that makes pumping more comfortable and easy to use.


Now you know what a bottle jack is and how to choose the best one. They are an excellent alternative to regular studs and can be used to lift both vehicles and other heavy loads in construction uses. Whether you are in the mechanic industry or just enjoy fixing things in your garage, Olsa Tools has a great selection of professional-grade products that will come in handy when working with a bottle jack that will last you a lifetime and will make your life easier. Checkout our digital torque wrench, impact sockets, and slim profile wrenches to help get your tire changes, suspension and brake jobs done with ease! All Olsa Tools products come with a limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee and are backed by a 30-day risk-free return period.


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