How Drop Forged Tools Are Made

How Drop Forged Tools Are Made

Have you ever seen the term "drop forged" stamped on any of your tools? If you are a mechanic or handyman that is always looking at new tools, you will surely find those words on your tools very often. Do you know what “drop forged” means though? We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the drop forging process and why you should buy products that are engineered with this method.

What Is Drop Forged?

Modern-day drop forged tools are derived from the most common and oldest method that (to this day) can still be done by hand; drop forging. The process that blacksmiths use involves taking a heat-treated piece of metal and then beating it with a hammer to form the intended shape.  Now, the term “drop forged” is used to describe the modern manufacturing method of this technique; using a machine that acts as a large falling hammer to create drop forged steel and shape the tool.

Drop Forged Techniques

Open Die Drop Forging

Drop forged steel that is created by open die drop forging is made while an operator places the workpiece while it is hit by a flat or shaped die without restricting the metal flow, giving the final shape of the tool.

Closed Die Drop Forging

Closed die drop forging includes a die on the anvil that acts as a mold. The heated metal is placed on the lower die while a ram drives down, resulting in the deformation of the workpiece and giving the desired form.

Why You Should Buy Drop Forged Tools

Now that you know what drop forged is, so then what is the big deal about drop forged tools? Unlike other metalworking methods like casting or machining, the forging process that creates drop forged steel produces more sturdy and resistant properties. This is why these tools are a great option and any mechanic or handyman should consider buying them. Drop forged steel features a better grain pattern that improves the strength of the metal, meaning that you don’t need to worry about the durability & reliability of the tool during heavy-duty situations, they will last a lifetime! 

Another great thing about drop forged tools is that they are designed without the added cost of inspecting and controlling processes that are required for casting. Is like having a tool truck quality tool without the tool truck price. 

We know that owning professional quality products that are built to withstand sturdy situations is a deciding factor; at Olsa Tools we are serious about giving you the best quality tools to make your job easier! So many of our products are made of drop-forged, heat-treated Chrome Vanadium steel, which is exceptionally durable and will last for decades.

Olsa Tools Drop Forged Products 

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Drop Forged Indexing Pry Bar

We hope this blog will help you to know how drop forged tools are made. Remember our tools are engineered with top-quality techniques and are backed by a standard 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty. You can check out a selection of drop-forged tools below: 

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