All About Allen Hex Keys: Common Types

All About Allen Hex Keys: Common Types

How to Find the Best Hex Keys Set

Hex Key and Allen Wrench Set SAE & Metric

If you have ever done repair work on a motorcycle, automobile or bicycle you likely have used Hex Allen keys (also known as hex keys or hex wrenches). Below we will talk about the most common styles of Allen keys so that you can pick the best one for every job.

Types of Hex Key Set

Many will argue that most Hex Keys Set will get the job done, but if you know the different types of Allen keys that exist you will be able to choose the correct tool for the job so that every task is done more efficiently and can be completed quicker. 

1. L-Shaped:

The L-shaped hex wrench is an old classic and the most common type of hex key. The Olsa Tools Hex Key Set has a regular set and a patented extractor set. The extractor set that allows you to remove stripped or damaged hex screws by biting into Allen screws. The L-shape hex key enables you to access hard-to-reach fittings and also provides the correct leverage when required, helping you to work with ease. The set is engineered with drop forged steel and is coated with a chrome finish to prevent rust, giving you the durability and reliability that you need for many years of heavy-duty jobs. Our 9 piece sets come in SAE or Metric with a range of sizes so that you can complete your job efficiently! 

Hex Key and Allen Wrench Set

2. T-Handle:

Olsa Tools T-Handle Hex Key Set

The T-handle Allen keys mostly are for motorsport applications. The “T” shape helps to balance the tool in your hand and makes it easier to spin the wrench quickly, at the same time it delivers a greater amount of torsion force. The Olsa Tools t-handle hex key set has convenient soft-touch TPV dual-material ergonomic handles that reduce hand fatigue even in extreme torque applications. This type of Allen wrench also features a hex ball end that allows you to work on a wide variety of angles and positions, this results in a tool that is great for use in tight spaces.

3. Hex Allen Bits

Olsa Tools Hex Bit Socket Set

The Olsa Tools hex bit socket set is the perfect addition to your toolset to use with your ratchet. They are as useful as the different Allen key types, providing maximum rotation to give you the leverage and torque you need for the job at hand; while allowing you to access recessed areas with ease spaces. The premium unbreakable chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel ensures you have your bits during many heavy-duty tasks for years to come. As a bonus, both our 7-piece set and 20-piece set come in a convenient molded storage case for easy organization and transportation. 

The choices differ, and what works for one mechanic may not be ideal for another. But if you want a really good professional quality set of Allen wrenches, our l-shaped or T-handle Allen keys will be a great fit for you thanks to their design, materials and limited lifetime warranty; In addition to that they also come with a Like all of our tools, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day risk free return policy, so you can buy with peace of mind.

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