Pliers Organizer: Do It Yourself or Buy it?

Pliers Organizer: Do It Yourself or Buy it?

If you have a lot of pliers, chances are they are simply scattered in your toolbox drawers. You have probably tried to organize them carefully by laying them flat but, over time, with the opening/closing of drawers, those pliers begin shifting around the drawers. This is the reason you are considering the option of either building a pliers organizer yourself or just simply buying one. We will take look at both options.

Do It Yourself: Pliers Organizer

This option of creating your own plier's organizer definitely takes a lot longer than purchasing your the plier organizer. It does; however, give you the fulfillment and satisfaction of creating something from scratch. By doing it yourself, you can customer your plier's organizer to your liking. In addition, you can create an organizer that you can hang on the wall so that you save space in your drawers.

Steps to Creating Your Pliers Organizer:

I've listed two videos that you should consider watching to help you make your own pliers organizer. 

The first video from Dad Diaries and he shows you how you convert vegetable rack into an organizer for pliers. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a very creative way of making a DIY pliers rack. Click the video to watch.


The second video shows you how you can create a pliers rack using a dish rack. It's another creative way of converting your everyday kitchen items into a tool organizer. Click the video to watch the instructional video.


Purchasing Your Pliers Organizer

Pliers OrganizerThe other option to creating a pliers rack is to simply buy your pliers organizer. Olsa Tools provides excellent quality pliers organizer racks.  The Olsa Tools pliers rack is coated in red to protect steel and prevent the pliers from shifting. It's also made of 3mm steel wire and is made to last an entire lifetime. Finally, it can hold 16 different small to medium pliers and can fit in your drawers.


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