Do You Really Need a Magnetizer?

Do You Really Need a Magnetizer?

Most mechanics and technicians know the frustration of trying to drive a screw into a tight corner just to have it fall to the floor. If this is happening to you more often than you would like, having a magnetic screwdriver comes in handy. A magnetic-tipped screwdriver can be really useful, but most of the time the magnet makes the tip attached to other things besides the head of the screw, causing more frustration. Also, there’s no need to buy a set of pre-magnetized tools as you can have your own magnetic screwdriver for free just by getting an affordable magnetizer and demagnetizer tool. We’re going to discuss how these tools work so that you can pick the best set for the job.

How A Magnetizer Works 

How a Demagnetizer Works

Most magnetic boosters in the market work in the same way; by manipulating the electrons in steel. This process is able to turn any nonmagnetic tool into a magnetic one so in this case, a magnetic field is added to the screwdriver tip so that it attracts and sticks to other objects that contain iron. As magnetizers only respond to a magnetic field the magnetic result will be temporary.

How A Demagnetizer Works 

Red Demagnetizer

This process is also very simple; It exposes a tool to an opposite or irregular magnetic field, manipulating the electrons within the tool to change and become misaligned. As a result, it eliminates any magnetism in the screwdriver tip.

Screwdriver Magnetizer Material

The magnets in magnetizing and demagnetizing tools are mostly made of ceramic or neodymium rare earth magnets. Both have their fair share of benefits; ceramic magnets are strong and also resistant to demagnetization caused by outside fields. However, neodymium magnets are the most powerful of all permanent magnets, by being able to lift more compared to any other magnet of the same size. These Olsa Tools magnetizer and demagnetizer rings are made of rare earth magnets, their magnetic strength increases by up to 10 times, meaning that the magnetism in your screwdriver bits remains longer than those magnetic boosters made of ceramic. Have the peace of mind that you won’t drop any of your fasteners!

Green Magnetizer & Demagnetizer Tool

With this 2-pc set of rings you can easily magnetize screwdrivers, you only need to swipe up and down and any of your small tools will be magnetized in under 2 seconds or less. For demagnetizing your bits you only need to swipe any side with the magnet facing the bit and it will be demagnetized in under a second. If you want a magnetizer and demagnetizer tool that is easy to use but also has multifunctional features, this is the product you need. These rings are highly compatible with any of your hex/Allen key wrenches, screwdrivers, household drills and drillbits. Also, the set not only allows you to magnetize and demagnetize; it also works as a screwdriver bit holder or stabilizer to keep your fastener straight and help you complete the job with a minimum amount of effort.

Black Magnetizing & Demagnetizing Tool


Magnetic Boosters

The ease with which magnetizers can be used is what makes them so convenient. You don’t need to buy a set or magnetic screwdrivers to enjoy getting the magnetic benefit. You just need to use the rare earth magnets of these rings and you’ll get a magnetic tool in just a few seconds. The set is small and portable so that you can keep it in your drawer or in your toolbox for on-the-go projects. Plus, the magnetizer and demagnetizer rings come in 5 striking colors that make it easy to identify them. Finally, like most of our accessories, they come with a limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 90-days risk-free return policy so that you have more peace of mind with your purchase.

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