Cast Ductile Iron vs Forged Steel Bench Vise Comparison

Cast Ductile Iron vs Forged Steel Bench Vise Comparison

Olsa Tools Forged Bench Vise: The Best Bench Vise For Mechanics

If you are planning to get a best heavy duty bench vise, whether it is for occasional or everyday use, you need to know the 5 features that make a bench vise best for the job. If you’re looking for durability, the most important thing to consider is the material. Most bench vises on the market are made from cast ductile iron and a small subset are manufactured from forged steel. Is there really a difference between cast ductile iron vs forged steel, is one stronger than the other? We will take a closer look at their differences, manufacturing process, pros and cons so that you can figure out the answer to these questions.

Forged Steel vs Cast Ductile Iron 

Cast iron is probably the most common and lowest-cost alloy in the manufacturing process, this is why most bench vises are built from this material. It is made by pouring hot metal into a mold, which then cools and hardens into its final shape. This process delivers a strong vise that is able to withstand 7-foot pounds of impact, most ductile iron bench vises feature 60,000 PSI of tensile strength (the amount of load or stress that it can handle) and are corrosion-resistant. A cast ductile iron bench vise is relatively economical to make, in contrast to other materials. The great benefit of cost helps to produce more cheap bench vises. However, when you melt cast iron, it results in metal with a more random grain structure, because during the melting process, the grain size expands and creates a loss in strength compared to forged steel. 

On the other hand, the forging process is formed when a heat-treated piece of metal is forced/ beaten, stamped or pressed to form the final tool. This process, contrary to casting, gives a tighter grain structure, meaning that you get a stronger and tougher product. Also, when comparing cast iron with forged steel, forged steel has approximately 26% higher tensile strength than cast ductile iron; a professional-grade heavy-duty bench vise can have up to 90,000 PSI of tensile strength compared to 19,000-60,000 PSI for a cast ductile iron vise. Resulting in a tool that is stronger,  more reliable, and is engineered to deliver lifetime quality for the most heavy-duty environments. 

The Best Heavy-duty Bench Vise

Olsa Tools Forged Steel Bench Vise

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As you have read, a cast ductile iron bench vise is more likely to have hidden faults than forged vises; this is why forging has a trusted reputation among the mechanic, metalworking, and woodworking industries. If you’re looking for a really durable and reliable tool that can withstand the toughest jobs in professional or industrial conditions, you should opt for a forged steel bench vise. The Olsa Tools Forged Bench Vises features heat-treated S45C steel that is forged to the high pressure of 90,000 PSI to be able to work under the toughest circumstances. Our 7-inch heavy-duty vise is the best bench vise for those who want to get the job done easier and maximize the vise’s potential, as it can handle a clamping force of up to 9,900 pounds. Plus, with a 360-degree swivel base, you can work easily in any orientation. The jaws range from 4 to 7 inches wide with jaw capacities of up to 9 inches so that you can work like a professional no matter how big or small your projects are. Plus, it comes with bolts (3/8"x3"), nuts, and washers for easy installation, and a set of protective magnetic rubber jaw covers to prevent those delicate parts from damage, ensuring that you get the job done without any frustration.

Bench Vise With Mounting Hardware & Protective Jaws Included

Are Forged Bench Vises Better Than Cast Ductile Iron Bench Vises?

If you will be constantly working with your bench vise and you are looking for one that can withstand industrial use, constant hammering, or shaping, then the best heavy duty bench vise. But if you are looking for a vise for occasional use in the garage for very light-duty projects, the cast ductile iron bench vise might be enough. Remember, the Olsa Tools bench vises are engineered with top-quality techniques and are backed by a standard 100% satisfaction guarantee, limited lifetime warranty, and a 90-days return policy. 

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