Buyers Guide | Best Portable Socket Organizer

Buyers Guide | Best Portable Socket Organizer

Top Portable Socket Organizer for Your Money

Portable Socket OrganizerDo you own numerous sockets in your  garage? If you do, then you've probably experienced digging through your tool drawers in search for the sockets that you need, but unable to find it. And then you end up buying another socket set because you were unable to locate the sockets. The experience of not finding the correct sockets can be very frustrating. This is the reason it is very important to organize your sockets.

Organizing your Sockets

It is very important to organize your sockets sets. It may be challenging to categorize and organize them in a manner that makes it convenient to find the right sockets you need immediately. When you buy new sockets, it can be very tempting to toss them in your toolbox drawers. This temptation can be a trap and will result in a disorganized socket. We will outline different methods that will help you organize your sockets. 

Socket Collection To Be Organized

When you have a large collection of sockets, it requires a larger space to accommodate. It's very important to choose a socket organizer that can hold a large number of sockets. One recommendation is the Olsa Tools Portable Socket Organizer, which can hold up to 80 sockets. This is also a great option if you take your sockets with you to work because it comes with a handle that allows you to carry the organizer. Furthermore, the portable socket organizer allows you to interchange the clips to the sizes that you need such as 1/2", 3/8", 1/2 Drive. 

If you keep sockets in a permanent location in your shop or garage, then another alternative is the 6 piece Socket Storage Trays. These socket trays can fit up to 172 Sockets. 

Organize Sockets By Color

A good number of tool owners like to organize their tools by their colour. This is easy to accomplish since a lot of tool organizers come in bright colours. The most common tool organizer colours are red, green, yellow, orange, blue, and pink. By having multi-coloured tool organizers will help brighten up your toolbox. Also, many major brands such as Olsa Tools, Snap-on, Gear Wrench now product multi-coloured socket organizer. Make sure to check out the different colours of the Olsa Tools aluminium socket organizer rail.

Organize Sockets By Type

Another way you can organize your sockets is by it's the measurement. You can separate them into Metric and Standard measurements. Some socket organizers also have marked labels which will allow you to identify the correct sockets immediately. We recommend the magnetic socket holders with marked labels for Metric and SAE socket sizes.

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