Buyers Guide: 5 Features To Look For In The Best Bench Vise

Buyers Guide: 5 Features To Look For In The Best Bench Vise

It is very common to be challenged with certain tasks as a mechanic. You often need a third hand to hold a workpiece during any of your jobs; this is why having a professional bench vise is a must-have tool in automotive, wood or metalworking. Choosing the right bench will help you get the job done easier and more precisely. We will give you all the details you need to know about bench vises so you can make the most optimal purchase decision for the job.

What to Consider When Buying a Bench Vise

Olsa Tools Bench Vise

All bench vises have the same function: holding your materials tightly and firmly so that when you are cranking on fasteners or even cutting material things stay in place! The vise also comes in handy when you need a solid surface to hammer against. While the all bench vises have the same functionality, there are cases where having a specific type of bench vise is crucial for getting the job done right:

1. Material: Cast Ductile Iron vs Forged Steel


Ductile iron, also known as cast ductile iron is the cheapest and most common material used in these tools, but it has disadvantages. Ductile iron vises are made when melting iron is poured into a mould; resulting in a weaker tool and a rugged finish due to impure casting work. On the other hand, the best bench vises are forged, this is why the Olsa Tools 7-inch jaw bench vise is made from head-treated S45C steel that is pounded repeatedly to the high pressure of 90,000 PSI, resulting in an industrial-grade tool that is stronger than cast ductile iron alternatives, while being able to handle a clamping force of up to 9,900 pounds! If you need to get a vise that can be passed onto future generations, this vise is your best choice.

Bench Vise Specifications

Part Number Jaw Width Jaw Opening Throat Depth Clamping Force Handle Length Lead Screw Diameter Weight
#1305 4" 5" 73mm (2.87") 5,500 lb 7.1" 0.71" 21 lb
#1306 5" 6" 83mm (3.27") 7,700 lb 7.9" 0.74" 28 lb
#1307 6" 8" 92mm (3.62") 8,800 lb 9.0" 0.87" 42 lb
#1308 7" 9" 120mm (4.72") 9,900 lb 9.4" 0.87" 57 lb

2. Anvil or Pad 

The Best Bench Vise


The size of the anvil or pad is important if you are thinking about using your vise for constant hammering and shaping tasks. The pad is the flat surface placed on the top center of the vise that you can use as an anvil. Our vise comes with a large reinforced built-in anvil that allows you to easily hammer, flatten and shape metals, saving you time and helping you get the job done easily.

3. Jaw Width/Opening

Having a bench vise with a large jaw width and opening gives you the ability to accommodate a variety of projects. Our vises have jaws ranging from 4 to 7 inches wide and can open up to 9 inches. The vises' steel fixed jaws include a design that allows you to extend the jaws over the edge of the table; which helps you save the frustration of not being able to use the tool when you need to clamp long items. Plus, as a bonus, you receive a set of magnetic rubber jaw covers that smoothly attach to the steel thanks to their included magnets. They are great for when you need to work with more delicate materials without damaging them. 

4. Base or Mount Type

Bench Vise Swivel Base

Our vise comes with a lockable 360-degree swivel base that you can secure in place. This is perfect for when you need to hold materials of odd forms and sizes. The swivel base saves you the frustration of bending or hunching when sawing, drilling, polishing, grinding or whatever else you need to get done; the locking mechanism gives you the ability to clamp your work in place by adjusting the angle of the vise.

5. Handle 

Handle Of The Best Bench Vise


The best bench vises are engineered with all metal handles that can withstand extremely high amounts of torque. The Olsa Tools bench vises have upgraded, all-metal handle stops that will withstand many years of heavy-duty jobs and gives you the reliability you need for the job at hand. Choose between our 4, 5, 6, or 7-inch vises! 


With this heavy-duty bench vise you can be confident that you’ll have a lifetime companion through the toughest jobs! As a second bonus, you also get a mounting hardware with bolts (3/8"x3"), nuts, and washers for easy and quick installation so that you can mount the vise on your workbench as soon as you get it, saving your time while ensuring you don’t take another trip to the hardware store! Like all of our tools, our bench vises come with a limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee and are backed by a 30-day risk-free return to give you peace of mind.

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