Best Types Of Wrenches

Best Types Of Wrenches

There are a wide variety of types and sizes of wrenches in the market, you can even find common terms to categorize the different types of wrenches into subgroups. Whether you are starting out in the mechanic industry or trying to expand on your wrench sets in your toolbox, this article will give you all the details you need to know about wrenches. We want to make your shopping experience easier by going through 7 of the most popular types of wrenches for professional mechanics. Each type helps to handle specific tasks and jobs so we hope that when you finish reading this you know what your next set of wrenches will be.

1. Open End Wrench 

Slim Profile Wrenches

An open-end wrench is probably the most common wrench type in home and professional toolboxes. These types of wrenches feature double-sided U-shaped heads with different sizes on both ends, they work by touching only two sides of the fastener. One of the most important things in open-end wrenches is that they are slimmer than their cousin, box end wrenches, making them useful when dealing with hard-to-reach nuts. The Olsa Tools slim profile wrenches feature an open-end design that is thinner than regular open-end wrenches (under 5.5 mm) yet sturdy enough to withstand the strength that you need to complete the job efficiently, making it easy to get to bolts that are recessed. These wrenches exceed ASME code B107.100-2002 by 30%, so you can be confident that they are built with professional and heavy-duty use in mind.

2. Combination Wrench

Combination Wrenches

Combination wrenches deliver the versatility that any mechanic would love by combining both an open-end loop for hexagonal or square nuts and a box or closed-end profile in the same wrench. These two features fuse the best of both types of wrenches; delivering extreme power while loosening a stubborn bolt with the box end head, and easily getting into tight places with the open end head. The Olsa Tools Metric and SAE combination wrenches are also built using a convenient 12-point box end design that is engineered to avoid fastener round-off or slipping while you work, saving you time and frustration.

3. Adjustable Wrench 

Olsa Tools Adjustable Wrench Set

Having an adjustable wrench or crescent wrench is like having a full set of open-end wrenches in just one tool. This type of wrench features a spiral screw that is embedded and opens or closes the crescent jaws as you turn it. This allows you to work on multiple tasks without needing to know the sizes of the fasteners that you’re working with. The jaws in the Olsa Tools adjustable wrench sets are wide so that you can work in a variety of jobs. Plus, the innovative patented low-rattle mechanism that will secure the adjustment to avoid changing the jaw size by accident when placing the wrench on surfaces, delivering frustration-free work and ensuring that you get the job done comfortably and efficiently during any heavy-duty situation!

4. Ratcheting Wrench 

Ratcheting Wrench Set

A ratcheting wrench is similar to a combination wrench, but this wrench has a ratcheting mechanism in the box end that is built to tighten and loosen fasteners without needing to remove the wrench to readjust the position. The Olsa Tools 12 pc ratcheting wrench set is engineered to work on 80% rounded nuts and bolts thanks to the ratcheting mechanism. In addition, the grooves on the open end head provide extra gripping power when you bite into the bolt and reduce the chances of rounding out fasteners. 


5. Torque Wrench

Click Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are commonly used for tightening wheel lug nuts, but they can also be used in any situation where you need to drive a fastener to a specific torque spec, without overtightening. You can find different types of torque wrenches available in the market that have the same function but with different features that help to complete the job easier; from manual to digital torque wrenches and other variations. At Olsa Tools we have available a collection of split beam torque wrenchesclick torque wrenches, and digital torque wrenches; they all have the same purpose of making your hardworking life easier and saving your time with their special features. 

6. Hex Key/Allen Wrench

Hex Key Set

They are designed to fit in screws with hexagonal-shaped heads and when it comes to delivering a great amount of torque, this tool is super effective. Though the most common type of Allen wrenches is the L-shaped, there are multiple variations such as T-handle, folding hex, and P-handle. The Olsa Tools hex key and Allen wrench set also comes with a sturdy storage case that opens flat so that you can quickly and easily identify the size you need for the job and organize all of your hex keys in one easy-to-find place.

7. Socket Wrench - Swivel Ratchet

Swivel Head Ratchet

Ratchets use a ratcheting mechanism that makes it possible to tighten and untighten fasteners without having to remove the ratchet from the fastener. In this case, the socket fits perfectly over the nut, so that you can move the wrench quickly and easily over and over again. The Olsa Tools swivel head ratchet has a rotating head that swivels a total of 270 degrees to be able to accommodate most angles and work in tight spaces while delivering extreme torque. Plus, the 90-tooth gear-to-gear mechanism with a 4-degree swing makes it easy to work in tight spaces, helping you get the job done quicker.


Whether if you are starting out in the world of tools or you are a professional mechanic, you will need most of these types of wrenches to complete any task that comes your way. When choosing your collection of wrenches, ensure that your tools are engineered with high quality and professional use in mind to give you the peace of mind that they are worth the investment. At Olsa Tools we specialize in designing tool truck quality tools without the tool truck price; this is why all of our wrenches come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee & limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day risk-free return policy to ensure that your new wrenches can be used for a lifetime of heavy-duty jobs.

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