Common Benefits of Using Socket Sets

What Are The Common Advantages of Socket Sets

socket sets

From the easiest to the most complex work, a good variety of sockets are critical in order to accomplish the task.

Five Advantages of Socket Sets

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the many advantages that using a socket set provides. We are sure that after reading these advantages you also will be convinced that owning a socket set is indispensable.

1. Space Saver

Socket sets help you to save space in your garage and keep all your sockets in one place. Socket sets are less space-consuming, as they have different sizes of sockets and only one turning tool (ratchet or socket wrench), compared to the same variety of spanner options. Another way to say space is to use socket organizers. We recommend you use a magnetic socket holder that you can attach to the side of your tool box. This will allow you to save space, which you can then use to store other items.

2. Full Socket Sets

Works with almost everything: Every garage mechanic or DIYer has found himself or herself in a situation when you have an awkward nut or a bolt that you don’t have the tool that matches it. A good and comprehensive socket sets will have the most common sizes and types of sockets so that you will not find yourself in this type of situation anymore.

3. Ease of Use

Easier to use than a spanner: It’s easier to tighten and untighten the nuts and bolts by using a socket and ratchet to make tightening. The socket fits tightly fit the nut or bolt and the turning tool allows you to ratchet by as little as five degrees, giving you more precision.

4. Better Access to Socket Sets

Provides better access than a spanner: Socket sets usually contain extension bars, deep sockets, slim rachet handles, universal joints and many other pieces in order to reach that one bolt that was difficult to access before having the socket set.

Another way to make sure your socket sets are readily accessible is to use socket organizer tray. It will allow you to find your socket the moment you need them.

5. Lower Risk for Damaging Fsteners

When fastening and unfastening bolts and nuts, you want to make sure that you are not damaging the nuts and bolts. The socket is usually six-sided (hexagonal) and compared to traditional spanner which has only two sides, it distributes the pressure on the bolt evenly. This makes less likely to damage the bolt and wear away the corners.