Trailer Wiring Wiggle Tester


Trailer Wiring Wiggle Tester



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  • Find and fix shorting-out lights with this handy troubleshooting tool
  • When you wiggle an area of a wire with a fault, the unit will beep
  • Quickly identify faults that otherwise would take hours to find
  • Save time, save fuses, and avoid trial-and-error
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Trailer Wiring Wiggle Tester

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Fault Detection

With instant feedback when you've found an area with a wiring fault, the Wiggle Tester's audible beep and flashing light notifies you of a change in resistance when a wire is disturbed, which could indicate a wiring fault or short.

Simple and

Easy to Use

Simply plug it into your trailer's wiring harness and it instantly begins analyzing the circuit. With its intuitive detection method, you'll quickly identify issues simply by wiggling wires and connectors in different places until you find the issue.

Find Issues

With No More Than a Wiggle

The heart of our tester lies in its advanced wiggle detection technology. This innovation allows the device to identify electrical shorts, loose connections, or damaged connections and wires that result in blown fuses or intermittent lighting.

Save Time

and Money

Identifying and repairing trailer wiring and lighting issues can save you a fortune in repairs and road accidents. Our Trailer Wiring Wiggle Tester detects issues quickly, making it easy for you to repair them.

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