Adjustable Wrench | Wide Jaw | Low-Rattle

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  • Ergonomic Wide Handle Reduces Hand & Arm Fatigue
  • Low-rattle Mechanism Keeps The Jaw Size In Place

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Professional Adjustable Wrench

  • Adjustable wrench designed and built for professionals. The versatility of the wide jaw means that one tool has you covered for a wide variety of jobs. The wrench features convenient size markings in both inches and millimeters, which lets you take measurements on the fly.

Patended Low-Rattle Mechanism

  • The patented low-rattle mechanism gives you peace of mind knowing that your adjustment will stay put. Furthermore, the raised edge around the knurled adjustment screw ensures that you won't accidentally alter your adjustment when putting the wrench down on a flat surface, a common frustration with other adjustable wrenches.

Comfortable Wide Handle

  • Many adjustable wrenches have thin handles that are hard on the hands, especially when exerting a lot of force or using the wrench for an extended period of time. Olsa Tools' adjustable wrenches feature wider handles which are significantly more comfortable to use.

Premium Unbreakable Steel

  • Carefully engineered with industrial-grade chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel, bending or breaking this adjustable wrench is not an option. Stay confident that your adjustable wrench will be a lifetime companion through your toughest jobs.

Quality You Can Count On

  • Here at Olsa Tools, we believe in providing you real value. That means we will never over-charge you for our professional, tool-truck quality tools. Almost every tool you buy comes straight out of the same factories as the biggest tool truck brands in the world. All Olsa Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 30-Day Risk-Free Return Policy, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Package Contents

Package Contents

Available Sizes

  • 8-inch drive Adjustable Wrench

  • 4pc Adjustable Wrench Set - 6", 8", 10" and 12" 


Product Specifications

  • Wide Jaw: precisely grips the flat facets of the fastener while avoiding and protecting the corners of the nuts.
  • Wrench material: 6140 Chrome Vanadium steel construction
  • Comfortable handle: wider handles which are significantly more comfortable to use.
  • Foam Tray Size: 8-inch drive 8.66" x 0.87" x 2.76"
  • Foam Tray Size: 4pc 13.98" x 1.57" x 11.61"

Made in Taiwan.

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