3 Pc 6" Pliers Set, Combination, Long Nose, Diagonal Cutting Pliers

11 reviews

3 Pc 6" Pliers Set, Combination, Long Nose, Diagonal Cutting Pliers

11 reviews

3-Pc 6" Pliers Set 

  • It doesn't matter if you’re gripping, bending, twisting, cutting, or stripping wire, we have you covered with this set of professional-grade pliers, helping you get the job done right. The three pliers are forged with chromium-molybdenum steel which is used in professional-grade automotive tools due to its strength and resistance to breaking.

Combination Pliers

  • The multipurpose combination pliers can be used for a variety of functions: gripping and turning, cutting wires and cables, pulling up or pinching off nails, and many others. Just like the needle nose and cutting pliers, these combination pliers have ergonomic handles to help distribute the load while gripping tightly, reducing strain on your hands when working for long periods of time.

Needle Nose Pliers

  • The long nose pliers will help you reach into the tightest of spaces. The jaws contain strong teeth in multiple configurations to allow you to securely grip a variety of parts.

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

  • The powerful diagonal jaws are reinforced with extra material for extreme strength and durability compared to consumer-grade side cutters. The placement of the fulcrum gives these heavy-duty cutting pliers high leverage, enough to cut piano wire, the highest standard for hand-held cutters. The rubberized handles help make it more comfortable to exert a higher force and cut thicker materials.

Quality You Can Count On

  • Here at Olsa Tools, we believe in providing you real value. That means we will never over-charge you for our professional, tool-truck quality tools. Almost every tool you buy comes straight out of the same factories as the biggest tool truck brands in the world. All of our pliers at Olsa Tools are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 90-Day Risk-Free Return Policy, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Package Contents

3 Pc 6" Pliers Set

  • Combination Pliers 6"
  • Long Nose Pliers 6"
  • Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers 6"


Product Specifications

  • Ergonomic design: To help distribute the load while gripping tightly.
  • Pliers material: chromium-molybdenum steel.
  • Pliers function: gripping, bending, twisting, cutting, or stripping wire.
  • Package product Size: 11.46" x 1.18" x 7.8" 
  • Weight: 30 oz

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