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Our Ambassadors help us to better showcase our professional-quality products. Every three months we open up applications for new Ambassadors to help continue to grow Olsa Tools. We are not currently accepting new applications, please check back in August.

Marty Motoring

For over 10 years, Martin has been modifying and repairing vehicles as a hobby, when not playing guitar in a band. In 2017, he decided to highlight his interest and experience in the automotive world by launching his automotive-based YouTube channel as a hobby, while professionally focusing on IT and videography.

After owning over 16 vehicles, Martin recognized the need and convenience of having the proper tools when doing repairs or modifications. As a car enthusiast, content producer, and now Olsa Tools ambassador; he hopes to make other’s lives easier and more productive by showcasing the many innovative tools Olsa Tools has to offer.

Mechanic Link

Mechanic Link currently runs a small auto shop as both a manager and a technician in Norfolk, Virginia. He has been in the automotive industry for roughly 12 years, complete with a 2-year degree of formal education.

@Mechaniclink is on TikTok with over 475,000 followers where he posts about diagnosing cars, how-to videos, technical support, and even some career advice. On his channel, MechanicLink has a special segment called “Honest Tool Reviews”. He field-tests the product for a few weeks and then rates them out of 10.

Evan Schantini - Schampizi

How’s it goin’ everybody? My name is Evan Schantini. To kick this off, growing up I was never introduced to cars more than some hot wheels but, when I turned 15, I got my first car, a Subaru which had a short life. I was offered $200 by a shop due to what was said to be catastrophic failure within the motor. My neighbour/mentor then offered me the same cash offer but included he opportunity to learn to overhaul a motor. From the moment I turned that wrench, I found my passion.

Fast forward to today… I am an automotive technician at a local shop in CO and I have completed my Airframe and Powerplant certificates. In the process, I developed a following on TikTok making simple videos ranging from tutorials to simple videos to entertain my fellow mechanics. However, as a 20 year old mechanic, tool trucks have a special way of robbing me blind. In the past I have been disappointed often with the quality and durability of more reasonably priced tools so I started looking for better options that could withstand mechanic abuse. Then thanks to a fellow mechanic by the name of Mechanic Link, I discovered Olsa tools.

Now I am always skeptical with new tool brands because as a tech, one broken wrench, one loose fitting socket, one inaccurate torque wrench can turn that 30 minute job into a long afternoon. After some daily wear and tear, I can truly say that this is a brand I believe I can stand behind for the fundamental reason of putting quality, durable, unique, knuckle saving tools in the hands of mechanics at a cost that won’t break the bank.

From a gas/diesel tech, an airframe and powerplant tech, and a common car enthusiast, join the Olsa club with me.

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Every three months we look for new ambassadors to partner with. If selected you'll receive free productpaid compensation and insider access into the day to day of Olsa Tools' operations! We are not currently accepting new applications, please check back in August.