Vise Grip (locking) Pliers Buying Guide

Best Vice Grip Pliers 

What to Look for in a Good Pliers

best pliers holderWhen doing repairs on a vehicle, usually you find yourself working in small spaces. Not all the tools are suitable for working in tight spaces. In these cases, vice grip pliers can be that much-needed help that can help you to free up your hands while keeping the parts in the fixed position. In the market, you can find multiple brands and types of vice grip pliers, and it can be tough to make a decision which one to choose. We have gathered all the essential factors that you should consider before buying your vice grip pliers.

Pliers: 5 Must-Have Features

1. Materials

If you are going to apply heavy pressure on your vise grip pliers. You do not want it to break, bend or snap under pressure after using the tool for couple times. Read the description of the tool to find out the type of steel the pliers are made from, as in the market, numerous brands use cheaper and not reliable materials. 

2. Size

Depending on the job that you are doing, you will need different sizes of vise grip pliers. Look for longer handles if you need to apply excessive leverage and for shorter handles if the job requires precision.

3. Hardened Pliers Teeth

The teeth of the plier are responsible for gripping tightly and holding the object in place. If you end up buying pliers with non-hardened teet, you will soon notice that the teeth start to wear down. This will negatively impact the holding ability. Also, pay attention to the shape of the teeth as it determines the shape and type of objects that plier can hold in place. Furthermore, to ensure that the teeth of the pliers stay in good condition, it is best practice to organize them after use. One of the best ways to do this is to use a good pliers rack

4. Pliers Release Lever

After the job is done a release lever helps you to remove the tool quickly. The release lever should be easy to operate and situated at an easy to reach angle.

5. Pliers Jaw Style

There are multiple jaw styles of vise grip pliers, each suitable for a specific set of tasks. However, there are two that you will be using more often and are worth to have: curved jaw pliers and long nose pliers. The first one is used for loosening nuts, screws, and bolts that are stuck in place. Longnose pliers are better when dealing with small objects and operating in hard to reach environment.

Using a locking plier has many benefits, and they are an essential tool item in modern toolbox. Once you have locked the plier in place, it does not release until you press the lever, thus freeing up your hands to do other things. We hope that the above guide will let you choose the best vise grip plier in the market. Also, it's important to organizer your pliers so that it makes it easier to find the next you need to use it. One of the best ways to organize your pliers is to use a pliers organizer.