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    How Do We Do It? - Affordable Professional Tools At Olsa Tools

    When Olsa Tools started in 2015, the goal was to make professional quality tools that are tool-truck quality, would last a lifetime and are affordable. Over the years since then, Olsa Tools has become renowned for the durability, quality, performance of our products and our customer support friendliness. How do we do it though - offer these professional-grade products, superior customer service and keep the price affordable?

    1) Cut Out The Middleman

    Nobody likes this “guy” being involved. Every middleman in between production and you receiving your tools means a price increase, even though the quality and features of the tools stay the same. At Olsa Tools, one of our core values is to be as efficient as possible. By cutting out multi-level million-dollar salaries, distributors, brick & mortar franchises, and regional representatives or retailers, we can get our product to you without having all of those middlemen in between, which is HUGE savings for you!

    2) Efficient Manufacturing

    The costs of creating tools are much higher domestically; therefore, we source most of our products from Taiwan. Our products all exceed internationally recognized professional standards by at least 30% and are professionally tested by heavy-duty mechanics during our sourcing process. This ensures that the quality meets our standards and, more importantly, real-world mechanic standards. Our products come out of the same factories as the big brand names. Our manufacturing processes create the same quality of tools that you expect from big brand names but for less . 

    3) Unmatched Customer Service

    Customer service is one of the most critical operations at Olsa Tools. Our team is located at our head office in Nisku, Alberta and can be reached via email or phone for any inquiries. We guarantee that we will get back to you within 30 minutes (during working hours) or else we will pay for your order. Our return and warranty processes are handled by dedicated team members that understand the importance of getting your tools in working condition or replaced as quickly as possible. You will not be transferred around in circles or asked to hold for another representative. 

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