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Buyers Guide: Best Tool Backpack

October 16th, 2019 by Mark Tubera

Top Tool Backpack for Professionals

best tool backpack

Tool backpacks have evolved a lot over time from the early days of portable wooden toolboxes made to metal toolbox constructions. Today, many options are available in the market that allows you to carry your tools to different job site locations.

 A lot of new tool bags have metal or wooden construction around the central openings with high-visible coloured highlights around the exterior of the bag. Also, many of the best tool backpacks are made of canvas and high-durable materials that can survive hard work conditions.

The top tool backpacks have several built-in compartments that allow you to store your tools. The integrated pockets are great for storing items such as your safety glasses or other vulnerable items. Also, the majority of the external compartments are secured by zippers or velcro that prevents your object from falling off.

Best Tool Backpack Must-Have Features

Tool Backpacks are essential for tradesmen such as electricians, technicians, HVAC repair, carpenters, and plumbers. The tool backpack can come in various sizes and can be customized for a tradesperson. Also, the best tool backpack is the one that has the most extended life and can hold all your tools efficiently.

Tool Backpack Size

As a tradesperson, you are always working at different job site locations. And so you require a backpack of various sizes that allow you to take essential tools with you. If you have to travel short workplace distances, then it's ideal to smaller and lighter tool backpack. On the other hand, if you require a more significant number of tools to take to a workplace, we suggest purchasing a giant heavy-duty tool backpack.

Pocket Organization

When you select a tool backpack, one of the features to look for is the number of built-in compartments included with the bag. You want backpack compartments that are well organized to prevent a mess in the future of your tools mixing inside the bag. It allows you to plan the layout of your tools, which in turn makes your tools easier to find.

Also, you want backpack compartments that are stretchable and contains good depth, allowing you to hold your tools securely.  It can be especially crucial for delicate electronic items.

Backpack Durability

You want a durable backpack that is will last you years. The best way to determine the durability of the backpack is its manufactured materials and stitching. You do not want your bag falling apart after a short term use. The seams must be stitched with durable threads and strong waterproof adhesives. These features allow you to carry the various heavy tools while surviving harsh environmental conditions.

Since you'll sometimes carry your bag on your back, you want to choose a backpack with a durable shoulder straps design. The shoulder straps must be reliable, padded, wear-resistant, and capable of supporting a load of +50lb. The padding prevents the bag from adding excessive pressure on your shoulders while you carry the bag.

Tool Backpack Strong Base

When selecting a backpack for your tools, you want to choose a backpack that can stand upright. It is an essential feature because if the bag falls over when it's unsupported, it could take extra time for you to grab the tool. You want to purchase the best backpack with a reinforced waterproof base, which will stay upright when placed on a flat platform.

Moulded Base Bottom

There are some tool backpacks with built-in rigid moulded bases that are composed of sturdy materials. The advantage of the rigid base is that it offers additional support to the bottom of the bag from physical wear/tear and water damage. The bottoms of bags can be especially vulnerable to wear and water damage. 


Comfort with carrying the backpack is an essential feature considering you're continually moving from one work location to another. The main factor that determines the support of the backpack is the even weight distribution. This prevents back pains, which can be a common issue when carrying a heavy load on your back.

Padded Shoulder

One of the best ways to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack is to have padded shoulder straps. The padded should strap help distribute 30-50lbs throughout your body instead of one focal location, your back or shoulder, which can result in pain and soreness.


You should have a clear understanding of the type of tool backpack you need for work as well as the essential features. If it can be a challenging choice, but we suggest to watch the video below for our selection of the best tool backpack.