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Allen Wrench Set Buying Guide

July 27th, 2019 by Kima Sargsyan

Best Allen Hex Wrench Set

Hex Allen Key: Things to Know

The best tool to use when dealing with hex screws and bolts is Allen wrenches set also called hex keys or hex wrenches. If you think that you can deal with hex screws and bolts with the help of flathead or Philips screwdriver, you are going to make your life a lot more difficult. So, it’s important to have the right tool for the job: Allen wrenches. The Allen wrenches have a short side and a longer side, which allow you to have more leverage. There are hundreds of different sets of Allen wrenches in the market to choose from. We have created a practical guide on how to choose the best set so, that you make your buying decision with confidence.

Hex Key Set Features

1. Chamfered versus Non-Chamfered

Chamfered Allen wrenches are the best option when you are working with screws and bolts that are made from softer metals. Chamfered wrenches have slightly rounded ends, which means they are less likely to damage the bolts and screws when tightening or loosening. Also, chamfered Allen hex set are easier to get into a slot when you don’t have perfect access to the bolts or screw. Non-chamfered Allen wrenches have square ends and due to this, they provide more rotational power.

2. Hex Key: Purpose

Quantity: Screws and bolts come in different sizes, and this means that you need different Allen wrenches from job to job. If you mainly work with electronics and toys, then you will need a set that has smaller hex wrenches than larger sizes. On the other hand, if you are working with bikes, cars or lawn equipment, then you need a set that has large size hex wrenches.

3. Length of the Allen Wrench

Length: The rule of the thumb is that the longer the wrench the more power it has. Also, the longer Allen wrenches allow you to reach the bolt or the screw in places that the shorter models will not be able to get.

4. Heavy-duty Hex Key Set

Durability: Look for models that have a rust-resistant coating. As Allen hex wrenches are usually made from inexpensive materials that are not naturally resistant to rust, a good set should at least have a rust-resistant coating. In terms of durability, the material from which the set is made is important. Look for customer reviews to find out how durable is the set. Most importantly, look for complaints about the smallest ones in set failing, as these are the ones that are most likely to snap.

In order to find a set that is best for your needs, you should start with evaluating your needs. If you know what you will be using your Allen keys set you can narrow down the selection of Allen wrenches that are best for you.